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About Us

Inspired by our South Asian heritage, we source high-quality local ingredients to make authentic, classic flavors of premium ice cream. 

We combine the freshest milk and cream from local farms with all-natural, non-GMO ingredients and over 90 years of ice cream making experience to bring you delicious, creative interpretations of South Asian ice cream (kulfi). 

We are proud to be a family company based in Princeton, New Jersey. Heritage Kulfi is a certified minority-owned business.

South Asian Inspired Flavors

We choose classic South Asian flavors that tug at our heartstrings, like the salty richness of pistachios and the warm comfort of homemade cardamom chai.

Then, we focus on sourcing the highest quality ingredients so that we can deliver these beloved flavors to you at an unparalleled level of excellence. For example, we always use (the king!) Alphonso mangos in our Alphonso mango ice cream. We also source only the highest grade saffron for our saffron ice cream. Each flavor is crafted individually with careful attention to quality and authenticity at every single step.

We take the use of quality ingredients extremely seriously in order to best showcase and respect the building blocks of South Asian cuisine. We are proud to share these ice creams with you!


Salted California pistachios in pistachio cream


Bright and fragrant rosewater sweet cream


Premium saffron threads steeped in sweet cream

Our Values

Our organizing values are to be careful, considered, and creative in making our ice creams. We aim to make exceptional ice cream, and to that end we prioritize quality, care, and expertise at every stage of the production process.

Part of our vision of excellence is considering the environmental impacts of our products. For that reason, it is important to us that our paper packaging is certified as sustainably sourced by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

We partner with local farms to ensure the best flavor and freshness of milk and cream. This local sourcing has another benefit, too; it reduces our shipping footprint.

It is important to us that we are inclusive and mindful of our community, so we built all of our flavors from scratch to be vegetarian-friendly, egg-free, and halal. Our ice creams are also gluten-free. We are currently developing vegan and dairy-free flavors, so stay tuned if that suits your needs!

Finally, our ingredients are all GMO-free and all-natural. We do not ever use artificial colors or artificial flavorings. Our ice creams are sweetened with pure organic cane sugar.

Contact Us

Have questions about where to find our ice creams? Would you like to stock our products? Reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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