Our Story

Heritage Kulfi

Rosewater, saffron, pistachio - those are the flavors of South Asia, from grand savory feasts to simple sweet treats. They’re also the inspiration for our take on kulfi - a traditional creamy dessert from the same corner of the world. We knew that if we were going to recreate the experience our parents grew up with to share here in the States, tradition had to come first. That’s why Heritage Kulfi is made with only the finest, thoughtfully sourced ingredients, each carefully developed to create a subtle yet decadent experience.

Every spoonful is more than just a bite of kulfi ice cream. For our parents, it’s a childhood memory. For us, it’s a connection to our roots and the tradition of sharing foods made with meticulous care. And for food adventurers, it’s a journey to South Asia and its delectable culinary traditions. More than anything, our kulfi is made to make you smile - it’s ice cream after all. Carefully crafted, unbelievably creamy, and infused with flavor, we can’t think of a better way to share our love for our heritage than this.

Our Founder

Hello, I'm Mansoor

Growing up, the flavors of South Asia brought joy to my family. I created Heritage Kulfi as a way to connect our culture and share this joy as first-generation Americans. We use age-old recipes and the very best ingredients to blend classic flavors with the unique taste of South Asia. I invite you on a delicious adventure and look forward to hearing about your exploration.

A closeup of cardamom-chai kulfi dripping from a silver spoon

The Kulfi Story